A New Idea

It happened again. Saw a simple idea for making pretty throws, so I bought more fabric.

I'll leave it to everyone's imagination to visualize how crowded my walk-in closet has become. Besides my clothes, it's also where I put Christmas presents - and it's also our linen closet. Suffice to say, it is a well used storage space!

But back to the idea. Basically, take squares from a layer cake. Sew a bunch together. But instead of batting and a fabric back, use fleece for the back. No quilting and no binding. Very quick to do, and you have cozy winter throws.

I bought five layer cakes from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I managed to find ones that I liked and were also on sale.

Then I went to Fabric.com and picked out some fleece. So I'm hoping that on my next long weekend I will sew up a storm and get a couple of these done.

Here are some photos of the layer cakes I purchased.
Chirp from Robert Kaufman.
It has very pretty greens, pinks, yellows & browns.
I'm going to pair it with some brown fleece.
Dill Blossom from Robert Kaufman.
This line is full of very bright colors & patterns.
I'm going to pair this with white fleece.
Vera's Garden from Robert Kaufman.
Another line of very bright colors. I'm also
going to use white fleece with this.
Eden by by Lila Tueller for Moda Fabrics.
I'm pairing this with a yellow fleece back.
And finally Migration from Moda.
I'm pairing this with a forest green fleece.