My First Applique

When I made the top for one of my throws a couple weeks ago I goofed and ended up to two identical block of fabric next to each other.

I had a couple squares left from the layer cake so I decided to add a couple applique hearts on the area to break up the space. It was my first attempt at applique but I pretty happy with the results.

I did a few practice runs on my machine but wasn't very happy with the results. So I ended up stitching them by hand.

Watched a movie and stitched - not a bad way to spend an evening.

Ready for Egg Nog

Spent a couple of hours this morning making some cute Christmas coasters. I used pieces from a charm pack Riley Blake's Colorful Christmas and some scraps of batting.

Now all I need is the homemade egg nog!

Eden Patchwork Throw

I finished my second patchwork throw. I'm very pleased with it.
The fabric was an Eden layer cake, and then I used Minky Dimple Dot fleece for the back. I have never used Minky fleece before. It's wonderful - plush and sooo soft.

I then started work on my next throw. I had purchased some white fleece online (not Minky) and had never taken a close look at it till now. It was so thin - just no comparison to how plush and soft the Minky fleece is. So I've order more of the Minky from, and will have to wait to finish the other tops next weekend.

Another Two Patchwork Tops

I finished the other two patchwork tops.

This top was made from an Eden layer cake.I just love the colors & patterns in this fabric line.
This top was made from a Migration layer cake. And then I added the fleece back to this.

I used forest green fleece. With right sides together I sewed around the edge, leaving a 10" opening. I trimmed around the corners to remove bulk and then pulled it all through the opening, making sure I had nice clean corners. Then pinned the opening closed and machine stitched 1/4" around the  entire edge.

My first throw is now complete!

Success, and a Mistake

I spent the day working on the tops of my patchwork throws. The first two went very smoothly.
This is using a layer cake of Vera's Garden.
I wasn't sure about this set of fabrics until
I had them sewn together. Now I just love them!

This was made from a layer cake of Dill Blossom.
And then my mistake. I'm still not sure what I did. I have the rows all labeled. But somehow I ended up with having to join rows 3 and 6, rather than 3 & 4. So I have to identical squares together in the middle of the quilt.
So I'm going to sit down this evening and read about applique. Maybe I can stick something in the middle of the two.
This was made from a Chirp layer cake.

Cool iPhone App

There is a very cool iPhone app now available on iTunes. And best of all - it's FREE

Weekend Prep

In preparation for the weekend, I've tried a couple layouts of the fabric squares from the Chirp layer cake.
Chirp by Robert Kaufman. I will use some Brown
Minky Dot fleece for the back of this throw.

A New Idea

It happened again. Saw a simple idea for making pretty throws, so I bought more fabric.

I'll leave it to everyone's imagination to visualize how crowded my walk-in closet has become. Besides my clothes, it's also where I put Christmas presents - and it's also our linen closet. Suffice to say, it is a well used storage space!

But back to the idea. Basically, take squares from a layer cake. Sew a bunch together. But instead of batting and a fabric back, use fleece for the back. No quilting and no binding. Very quick to do, and you have cozy winter throws.

I bought five layer cakes from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I managed to find ones that I liked and were also on sale.

Then I went to and picked out some fleece. So I'm hoping that on my next long weekend I will sew up a storm and get a couple of these done.

Here are some photos of the layer cakes I purchased.
Chirp from Robert Kaufman.
It has very pretty greens, pinks, yellows & browns.
I'm going to pair it with some brown fleece.
Dill Blossom from Robert Kaufman.
This line is full of very bright colors & patterns.
I'm going to pair this with white fleece.
Vera's Garden from Robert Kaufman.
Another line of very bright colors. I'm also
going to use white fleece with this.
Eden by by Lila Tueller for Moda Fabrics.
I'm pairing this with a yellow fleece back.
And finally Migration from Moda.
I'm pairing this with a forest green fleece.

My Third Quilt Is Done

To finish up my Martinique quilt, I quilted diagonal
lines through each square.
I used this brown floral pattern for my binding.
To finish up the quilt I machine stitched the binding
rather than hand finishing.
And it's done!
I know its a very simple design. But I just love the
colors & patterns in the fabric. And now our plain
turquoise duvet has a bright throw on top.

Modern Affair

As soon as I saw the fabric line Modern Affair by Patricia Bravo I knew that I was going to use some of this fabric to make another Lotus quilt. So yes, another order of fabric!
The colors and patterns of Modern Affair are beautiful!

Work In Progress

I quite pleased with my quilt made from the Martinique fabric line from Moda. I started with a couple layer cakes and a jelly roll. I choose 32 of the squares from the layer cakes (as I had two layer cakes I did pick some duplicates that were favorite patterns of mine).
I cut the jelly roll into 10" strips. I also added a
few pieces of  scraps of fabric that I had from my first quilt.

I made 32 squares that were made up of
5 strips sewn together. These squares had to trimmed
slightly to be 10" squares.

I laid all of the squares on the bed to determine
the layout of the squares.

I stacked my squares for each row and then labeled
them to ensure I wouldn't mess up my layout plan.
Each row was sewn, and then each row was sewn together.
The top of my quilt was done!

Martinique, Here I come!

There will be a total of 64 blocks - rows of 8 squares.
So I really didn't want to spend hours cutting my layer cake & jelly rolls. I mean, what's the point in buying pre-cut fabric if you then cut it up more.

Which lead me to create my own pattern. I'm taking my favorite patterns from the line and using the large layer cake squares as is. I am then alternating with squares made up of 5 strips from the jelly roll. I'll also have to use some scraps of other fabric I have.

I have the brown paisley from the Martinique line to use for the back of the quilt. And another brown for the binding.

Adding Color to the Bedroom

I've fallen in love with Martinique from Moda Fabrics.
OK - this is not what some of you are expecting. Get your mind out of the gutter!

We have a plain pale turquoise duvet cover on our bed. Very pretty color, but on a king size bed that's a lot of turquoise. So I've been wanting to find a way to introduce some other colors.

SO I am now the proud owner of a couple Martinique layer cakes and a jelly roll. The layer cakes came from Fat Quarter Shop, and the I found the jelly roll on sale at Craft Girls Workshop on Etsy.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.


Charm packs of Lumiere de Noel, Garden Song
and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I love the look of patchwork quilts. Just a mish mash of squares that somehow all work together. So I naturally made the leap to charm packs. I would already have all the squares cut - and a variety of colors & patterns. And they coordinate. What's not to love?

So this is what I have purchased (from Fat Quarter Shop & Missouri Star Quilt Company).

My rational in all of this is I don't spend my time cutting. And I don't have inaccurate cutting to blame. So I will get very good at sewing 1/4" seams, and matching those seams, row after row.

Only time will tell.

My Second Quilt

I just love this lotus brick path quilt pattern (free on Amy Butler's site). It was very simple to do.

This quilt is going in our guest room. I bought a new white duvet cover & shams. This quilt will provide the color. With my left over fabric I think I will make a throw pillow or two.


I may need to enter a 12 step program for this addiction. I even caught myself sneaking some into the house so hubby wouldn't see my latest purchases.

My first mistake. I found a couple quilting fabric websites.

The first one - Fat Quarter Shop.
I love this store. It carries the entire line of fabric collections. Great for someone like me who is struggling to figure out what patterns and colors coordinate.

And then there is the Missouri Star Quilt Company.
Their daily deals are amazing! I have this store to blame for getting hooked on charm packs and layer cakes.

Cutting - Yuck!

I hate cutting fabric. I'm always paranoid about making a mistake. So its takes forever as I measure & re-measure each piece. And then the ruler slips or some other stupid thing happens.

Even for the simple Lotus quilt pattern it requires 198 pieces cut.

But then I made a discovery - there is pre-cut fabric available. Brilliant!

The Lotus Quilt

When I saw this quilt pattern by Amy Butler I new it would be my next project. Just loved the modern feel to it. And it looked dead easy to do. That's my type of pattern right now. I want to get good at the basics - and be able to have a finished quilt in a short time. Immediate satisfaction please!

I found my fabrics at another quilting store here in Calgary, My Sewing Room. Was quite proud of myself. With my first quilt I became paralyzed and wasn't able to pick out many of the fabrics. This time I picked them all out on my own!
All of the fabric is from Timeless Treasures.

Ode to a Walking Foot

Why do they sell sewing machines without a walking foot. I mean, just charge me another 20 or 30 bucks and supply it. I didn't have one for my first quilt.

Holy crap, what a difference it makes!

My First Quilt

First, a major lesson learned. Well actually there were lots of lessons. But the one that sticks with me is this. When they, (whoever 'they' may be), say a quilt can be made in one weekend, they are actually just describing the piecing of the top. By the end of the weekend you will not have a complete quilt. I guess that's obvious to most folks. But I certainly didn't know that.

But after a couple long weekends I am done.

I love my quilt. It's by no means perfect - very far from it, in fact. But with it's first wash, it's nice and soft and wrinkly. And those wrinkles help to hide some of the mistakes.

Even with the mistakes, I've become a quilting addict!

A Love Affair

I've fell in love when I was young. I can still remember the quilt on my bed when I was a kid. My grandmother bought it for me when we were living in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. It was white and had dolls on it. That was when I fell in love with quilts.

I tried quilting about 20 years ago. Took a course and using my Mom's old Kenmore sewing machine I struggled through the project. The course involved machine piecing the top, then hand stitching the quilt. Never finished the quilt. The fact that I decided I should make a queen size quilt for my first project was probably part of the reason I failed.

So late last year I bought myself a nice sewing machine. And this spring I went to the quilt store close to home, Traditional Pasttimes, and asked them for a absolute beginner pattern. They helped me with my fabric choices and that's how my obsession began.